Learn how to create a transformational (and profitable) online course 

In this FREE 3-Day challenge, learn how to create a successful online course using my proven 3 step formula!

Save Your Seat in the FREE Create Your Online Course [3-Day Challenge]

Lay The Foundation

You can't build a building on sand and you can't start your course off on weak footing. I'll show you how to get started the RIGHT way, so your course is a success.

Crave Worthy Content

Figuring out how much content is 'enough' just got easier. And you content is the MEAT of your course. I'll show you how to do it right. 

Dazzling Delivery

Let's face it, your delivery can make or break your course's success. I'll show you how to give the people what they want, exactly how they want it!

Hosted By - Chanel Cumberbatch (Online Course Strategist and Marketing Coach)


NYC native, Southern California resident and paralegal turned serial entrepreneur, I am an Online Course Strategist and Marketing Coach who works with business owners and entrepreneurs to package their expertise and scale their brands, using transformational online courses.


After spending nearly a decade in sales and marketing, I (finally) discovered my true calling and have spent the past 5 years growing and scaling my own personally founded businesses. I've learned first hand what truly drives conversions and sold out launches, and am a master at attraction marketing and lead nurturing!


Join me for this FREE 3 day challenge and I'll show you how to create YOUR online course (without ripping your hair out) so you can maximize your impact AND your income!

Save Your Seat in the FREE Create Your Online Course [3-Day Challenge]


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